Balanced Annual Schedule at Phnom Penh Steiner Klasse (PPSK)

At PPSK, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and balanced annual schedule, tailored to the cultural and traditional nuances of Cambodia.

Respecting Cambodia's Rich Traditions

Cambodia is renowned worldwide for its numerous public holidays. These holidays, often concentrated in specific months, can pose challenges for educational institutions. The clustering of holidays can disrupt continuous learning, leading to uneven term lengths and inconsistent intervals between terms.

Our Approach to a Balanced School Year

While many schools grapple with the irregularities posed by Cambodia's festive calendar, we at PPSK have crafted a schedule that respects these traditions while ensuring a balanced learning experience for our students. We strive to:

  • Maintain Traditional Holidays: We honor Cambodia's rich cultural heritage by observing traditional holidays.
  • Ensure Continuous Learning: Despite the numerous holidays, we've structured our terms to provide continuous, uninterrupted learning experiences for our students.
  • Equal Term Lengths: We've meticulously planned our school year to ensure that each term is of equal length, providing consistency for both students and teachers.
Term1 (10w)7 AUG- 12 OCT, 2023
Term2 (9w)23 OCT - 22 DEC, 2023
Term3 (10w)8 JAN - 15 MAR, 2024
Term4 (10w)25 MAR - 31 MAY, 2024
School day: 192 days

Join Us in Celebrating Tradition and Learning

We invite parents and students to explore our balanced annual schedule, which seamlessly integrates Cambodia's vibrant traditions with the holistic approach of Steiner education. Experience a school year where tradition meets continuous learning, only at PPSK.